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December 24, 2011


my actual birthday was the 19th, but i somehow managed to have lovely plans sprinkled over the whole week.

how i celebrated, the abridged version: friday: dinner with two girlfriends i haven't seen in far too long. i insisted on bringing two rotisserie chickens. for three people. this was one chicken too many. when one of your friends is a dermatologist, expect to leave with a bag of fabulous skin products. after she gives you a mini facial. amazing. they got me a cake, sang to me, and in indian culture, fed me my first two bites while sharing their wishes for me in the coming year. this is a tradition i'm definitely stealing and using with people i love. we had a dance party, drank some wine, and laughed. a lot.

saturday: biked a lot of miles at the gym to make up for the miles i hadn't biked in three weeks. then went out dancing with two girlfriends. wore a green dress and i honestly don't think i've ever felt prettier in anything in my life. i think green's my color. green and navy blue. both work with my irish skin. danced for four hours, then came home and thanked my legs.

latrease: we're not going out before 10:00.
me: i don't know who you think you're friends with, but i'm pretty much driving miss. daisy.

monday: got up at 3:30, oy, went to the gym and ran two miles. my friend aj brought me flowers at work (see picture 1.) i love, love, love carnations. i know i'm in the minority on that one. had lunch with a good friend and a lovely day as a whole. i went to anna and kevin's for dinner to have the most delicious brats/tots/lemon cheesecake/sangria/and pineapple in the world. amazing, so amazing. sitting at a dining room table surrounded by people you love and people you love you just as hard back, it's everything. thank you times 1,000.

a few more dinner dates, coffees, and lovely birthday cards rounded out a wonderful week.

my friend stacy recently asked if I liked having a birthday so close to christmas. i love it. everything is pretty. and i think people are generally happier around christmas. there are lights and trees and pretty ornaments, snow (when it's tiny amounts/christmas morning snow, not blizzard of 2011 snow), and frank sinatra and nat king cole fill every department store. i really think it is the most wonderful time of the year.

i'm so blessed.

i'd be lost without this woman.

i have really, really good feelings about 27.

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  1. I also have a serious love of carnations. They smell lovely without being overpowering and last forever. Plus they are pretty to boot. What's not to like.

    I also have good feelings for your next year :)