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December 20, 2011

i believe...

lemon makes any food better, especially cheesecake made from scratch by your best friend. and if it has a blueberry garnish, well, that’s a lovely little bonus.

dinners consisting of equal parts dear friends, delicious food, and loud, loud laughter are the best birthday gifts.

in taking pictures of my food. if it’s not pretty enough to photograph, i shouldn’t be eating it.

“gold on the ceiling” by the black keys may just be the sexiest thing i’ve ever heard.

the fact that michael pitt was not nominated for a golden globe for boardwalk empire is a crime.

parks and recreation is the perfect show. a smart, funny show about people doing good.

in having grilled cheese & tomato soup lunch dates on the books, especially on mondays.

in dancing with girlfriends late, late into a saturday night.

that two irish girls meeting for after-work drinks at an irish pub is the recipe for a good time.

in nicki minaj. every.single.thing.she.does.

that 27 will be my best year yet.