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December 13, 2011

i think i deserve something beautiful.
-elizabeth gilbert, eat, pray, love

so…what is this thing?

this is my story: the life of a soon-to-be 27 (when did that happen?) year-old woman trying to practice small, sometimes big, acts of grace, kindness, and bravery. with a whole lot of embarrassing situations thrown in. so, so many of those. someone who goes to work and the gym and leaves little time for anything else. sometimes she likes it that way. sometimes she gets lonely. and sometimes she needs a good cry and prays and waits for it to inevitably meet her on the #8 bus. 

she reads eat, pray, love over and over because the words are so beautiful they make her smile to the point of tears. and she remembers what it felt like to read that book on a terrace in florence when she was twenty-one. she remembers how that terrace was a gift.

she keeps lavender in every room of her apartment, next to snow globes of the places she's traveled to: boston, italy, new york.

she listens to bob marley on especially hard days because few things calm her more than that man's voice.

she believes in hugging when saying hello and goodbye.

she uses sarcasm and distance as weapons of defense.

she's a better person after coffee. and a nap. and a run.

she makes lists and plans, then more of both. 

she's moving on.

she's just getting started.

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