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January 2, 2012

the year of better.

my friend laura has this wonderfully on-point theory about mondays. "mondays just about always suck if you let them. i try to make them as fantastic as possible because i really think they can set the tone for the week!"

i couldn't agree more. i saved her email to remind myself on those especially long, cold, and generally gloomy mondays, when everything feels so very much like a monday. the mondays won't stop, winter won't stop, and freezing cold days are not going to stop, so it's imperative to surround myself with things that make me happy, not things that pull me back. in trying to keep the blahness at bay, here's a potpourri of things i'm loving right now. yes, i said potpourri.

seeing my molly across a bar, both of us nodding and smiling as the perfect sara bareilles song comes on. feeling this sickness finally leaving my bones. the $13 men's slippers i got yesterday at target. crab cakes and steamed veggies with really, really old episodes of seinfeld. completely monopolozing the jukebox at mitchell's, on the bartender's dime.

and this woman. my word, this woman. 

i'm not making resolutions. i'm putting what i want and deserve out into the universe. then i'll start the process of making these things happen.

for 2012, i want more. more walking, more running, more boxing, more yoga. more adele. she makes me want to try a smoky eye. yes, i'm serious. that big hair. big voice, big heart. more fresh flowers next to my bed. more hummus, more water, more kissing, more dancing, more singing, more lipstick, more color, more dresses, more showing-off the legs i work so damn hard for, more writing, more sleep, more baking and cooking, more snort-inducing laughter.

i want less. less worry, less fear, less belly, less puffy eyes, less diet coke, less cheese, less nonsense, less apathy from the people i allow to enter my life, less of those people.

i want less anything less-than wonderful.
i love that i woke up to snow on the ground and blooming tulips in my bedroom and living room. take that, winter. 

it wasn't until katie (see cute headband) pointed it out to me, but standing behind her, i'm the spitting image of the girl from my blog header. and i really love it.

anna, katie, and kevin all put up with the ridiculously high/conehead-esque hats i got for us. on new year's eve, you gotta wear dorky hats!

i will make this the year of better. better everywhere.

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