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February 18, 2012

a list of letters.

dear van morrison,
please come to chicago. and please play all of astral weeks in an irish pub for me and my friends, nobody else.

dear xrt,
i'm hoping that one of the 119 entries i submitted to win bonnie raitt tickets will be the winner. yes, i'm officially greedy, but i'm in love with you. i'm in lurve with you.

dear ben kweller/ani difranco/andrew bird,
new music. from all of you. is it my birthday?!

dear einstein bros bagels,
i wasn't kidding when i said you should have punch cards for regulars like me. i never kid about sandwiches.

dear green winter coat i should've retired two years ago,
it's been a slice.

dear chris brown,
go away. there aren't enough words in the english language to explain what a loathsome person you are.

dear co-worker who said, "sometimes i just wanna give you some sugar,"
i adore you; that made my afternoon yesterday.

dear may,
please hurry up and get here; i'd like some lilacs to keep next to my bed.

dear anne lamott,
thank you.

dear self,
slow down. just slow it down.

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