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February 23, 2012

a random thursday night list.

because i love lists...

1. two things for which i am counting the days: baseball and lilacs.

2. i want to learn how to bake macaroons, coral and pale purple ones.

3. looking at my favorite blogs every morning and stealing a few, er, thirty minutes on pinterest before bed, these two simple things make me so happy. there are so many ideas and recipes i want to try, especially for book club. i just need more kitchen counter space...

4. my cousin had a baby boy yesterday! william dean. i bought this card at barnes & noble and popped it in the mail this afternoon. will, i cannot wait to meet you. you have no idea how much love and noise await you from these two families. 

5. i have a date saturday night. with a man. a man who didn't say, "we should hang out," or "let's do something sometime." he asked me to dinner and he said, "okay, it's a date." there is not enough time in the day to articulate how sexy i found this. also, said man reads this blog. i'll figure that out later...but for now, i'm not going to change how i do things/how honest i am on herebecause you know something? being honest feels really damn good. another thing that won't change: the fact that i will continue to think about outfit options until saturday at 6:45. 

6. parks and recreation+ a conditioning clay mask + pita pizzas=heaven.

7. i want to be friends with bethenny frankel, caroline manzo, and amy poehler. imagine the cocktail parties. Lord.

8. martha stewart now has home office supplies at staples. i'm in trouble.

9. never underestimate the power of shoes. i want to wear my new brown boots forever. forrrrevvvvvvverrrrrrrrrr.

10. i love all of this, except for the purse. i can't do anything with that; it's way too small.

that's what she said.

(photo #2: j.crew)

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