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March 4, 2012

a list of letters.

dear winter,
you can go away now. scoot, please.

dear chocolate,
we need to take a break. i don't want/need so much of you in my life, truly.

dear bad energy/bad moods/pizza/sandwiches,
see above.

dear ruby,
i'm sorry i stepped on your paw this morning. it would help if you didn't circle my feet while i'm doing the dishes.

dear book club,
i can't wait to see all of you. this whole "meeting once every two months" thing is rather lame.

dear redbox at greektown walgreen's,
your selection yesterday was disappointing to say the least.

dear lifetime movies i've seen ten times,
you'll never get old. i love you.

dear copy of the other guys,
i have no idea where you are, but i hope you find your way back to me.

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