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April 27, 2012

i believe...

in the power of music, especially in the form of mix cds.

one of the sexiest things a man can do is make me one. a legit i spent a shitload of time making this for you, rhi. and that version of the song from 1978 you mentioned liking, it's #6. that kind of mix cd.

in beers, burgers, and tater tots.

one of my favorite sounds in the world is a friend calling me rhi.

listening to country music all day on a friday really makes one think about finding a rental car and booking it to kentucky.

two things i need less of in my life: bread and cheese. truly.

two things i need more of in my life: lilacs and kissing. truly.

in only eating the frosting part of a cupcake. did it as a child, still doing it today.

in this, this, and that.

in #14. oh captain, my captain.

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