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April 26, 2012


this morning while waiting for the train, i saw a butterfly struggling to get off the ground. it was very cold and windy, which made things harder for the tiny thing. i immediately thought that maybe it was hurt. i stepped towards it, bent down, and saw that it was trying, it was really friggin' trying to get off the ground. but the wind kept pushing and throwing it around. i tried to scoop it up with my newspaper, as carefully as i could, very slowly, all-the-while whispering, it's okay. but it just wouldn't sit still and let me help it. i'm trying to help you, i thought. it just kept trying and thrashing itself back and forth. trying, on its own, to fly. a young man came over and looked at it and asked me what i was doing.

i think it's hurt, i said.

i thought it was a piece of ash, he said.

no, it's a butterfly. it's hurt, i said.

we both stood there and looked at it and i kept saying come on, come on, get up.

then my train came and as it pulled out of the station i saw an old man near the elevator looking down at it. and i just let out a breath and closed my eyes and hoped it was okay.

i hope it was okay. i really hope it was able to pick itself up off the ground and fly away.

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