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April 26, 2012

what i ate today: day three.

everything i ate wednesday. note: i was famished by the time i ate dinner with anna around 8:45.

Woke up with a headache=Diet Coke instead of coffee. And the good thing about pita pizzas is that you can eat them for any meal.

part 2 of breakfast: honey whole wheat bagel thin with reduced fat plain cream cheese. and more diet coke. friggin' headache. also, i'll never go back to regular bagels. they're monstrous!

  Lunch: Lean Cuisine chicken quesadilla with taco chips and mango salsa. I find that if I cut food into smaller portions, it slows me down. Then I get fuller quicker. Win win.

Rotisserie chicken and long grain and wild rice, with red pepper hummus. I always need a dip of some sort. Hummus comes through again.

The only pop I drink is Diet Coke, but my stomach hurt last night and this helped.

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