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May 19, 2012

i believe.

adverbs are useless. use stronger words to begin with and you won't need anything extra.

never date a guy who, on the first date, says, "i hate the beatles." this is a sign.

it does not matter if you get sick after running nonstop for two weeks. if you have an editor then you have a job to do. do the work, but plan better. you know, for things like sleep.

always re-stock your wallet band-aid supply. girl, you get blisters like it's your job.

always re-stock your diet coke supply. you also get headaches like it's your job.

sometimes $5.00 flowers and a long nap feed me more than food.

when you feel like you're right at the edge of something that's about to happen or something you think really could happen, sit still and feel it. all of it. if you feel it's something you can almost touch, say a prayer that it will be good and beautiful and will change you. and that you'll have patience for whatever it is.

i miss yoga. therefore, it's working.

going to a baseball game on a monday night is the perfect way to start my week.

this song is pure summer. i love it.

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