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May 26, 2012

a list of letters.

dear downton abbey,
good.lord. i want the third season and i want it now.

dear john mayer,
i like your new album, a lot. i didn't want to because, frankly, you're a bit of a shmuck. also, please do something with your hair. 

dear legs,
thank you for the 22.11 miles on the bike and the 2.3 you walked after spinning. 

dear ice cream truck that seems to park itself outside my building,
go the eff away. your music is unpleasant. 

dear pancho's waitress who told me queso fundido has a lot of calories,
no shit. 

dear netflix,
thank you for having dawson's creek. i will enjoy feeling thirteen years-old again. 

dear chris sale,
way to be a boss. thanks for the motivation.

dear chicago boxing club,
i got my gloves. i'll see you at 9:00 tomorrow morning. 

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