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June 19, 2012

taking a moment.

i stand at my bedroom window as the cool air brushes my bare legs. i drink coffee and listen to the birds call the world to wake and get moving. i see the sun poke through the trees and i feel the city stir.

i used to have the r version of this mug, but i chipped it. i went back to the store and chose this one: h for hope. every time i take it from my shelf i'm reminded of this, what a beautiful thing hope really is. right now, i'm full of it, for a thousand different reasons. and i'm going to continue to work at letting myself feel and enjoy it.


  1. I have the teal "b" one like this. Drinking out of it right now. <3

    ly sweet girl.

  2. :) i look forward to the day we share coffee together, b.