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July 10, 2012

on men, part 1 of 1,000.

i'm a fan of men, real men. 

paul newman, jimmy stewart. men who wear ball caps with fish on them. men who open doors. men who kiss me for no reason. men who cook, and are good at it. men who ask questions and wait for the answers. men who ask follow-up questions. men who listen. men who ask how i slept. men who ask about my week when they call on sunday night and how my tuesday is going smack in the middle of it. men who put on sinatra and dance with me in their living room and spin me. twice. men who smoke cigars while shopping for fruit. men who drive buses and wait for people running to catch up to them. men who make plans. men who remember what i mentioned in passing six weeks ago. men who look so good in a suit you want to applaud. men who reach for my hand when they can tell i'm nervous.

men who whisper beautiful things in my ear causing me to cry tears of gratitude and joy.

i'm thankful, so thankful.


  1. Rhiannon, I just... you're so... I wish... This is...

    You know what I mean?

    I wanna print this out and put this in my little folder of great writing I find on the internet. Readers don't have to have felt this way to understand this. But if a reader has felt like this, they're whisper-yelling "Yes!" at each punctuation mark.

  2. Thank you, Mame.

    I printed your letter to yourself from this morning. I have my own folder too. And that letter is going in there.