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August 10, 2012

on men, part 2 of 1,000.

i'm going to continue this list. because there are a lot of good men in this world.   

thank you. everything should start and end with these two words. 

to the men with more patience than i'll ever have. men with arms i fall into. men with eyes that have the same effect. men who insist i take their umbrellas. men who push through my stubbornness. and not just when it pertains to the taking of umbrellas. 

to the men who are good boyfriends and husbands to the women in my life: men not scared of strong-willed women. 

to the men drawn to strong-willed women. 

to the men who don't have allergies, but buy medicine for me to keep at their house. 

to the men who cook banana pancakes and breakfast skillets and order me root beer along with our pizza.

to the men who make me tea with honey when i'm sick. 

to the men who adore their daughters and sons.

to the men who make me laugh until i cry. 

to the men who know my favorite way to start a friday morning is with cinnamon rolls, blues, and dancing around his living room.

to the men who turn around in their car to pick me up when i need a ride. men who make my quiet sundays full of laughter.

to the men who've walked away reminding me to do the same.

to the man who's made me feel drunk on happiness.

to the man i'm able to be still with. a man i can feel looking at me in his car, on the train, at dinner. i'm learning bit by bit to take this in. to let him look and not say, "stop." to look back and smile.

to think, thank you, thank you, universe.

to think, this is blessed.

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