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October 2, 2012

the women in my life.

sometimes you have a day. you wait and wait and sit and stew and worry. then you worry some more. you supply answers to questions you don't need to be asking.

sit and think about what it is you're really worried about. you know; you always know. ask yourself, what can i control? what can i change? stand up and walk. walk around the block. walk down the hall if you don't have time to go farther. stare out a window and listen to the songs that always help, the songs that make you feel light with the first note. clean your purse, organize your calendar, take a breath. take five minutes to not be afraid. take ten, then twenty, and so on and so on. feel the things you're afraid of. look at them. decide that they don't get to grow. tell yourself a different story. write a different ending.
it's these days when i think, what would the women in my life do? the women i'm beyond grateful to know. 

the woman who says, it's monday. do something wonderful for yourself.
the woman who, within ten seconds on the phone, says, do you want me to pick you up?
the woman who says, i always saw you with someone like this.
the woman who took me into her home when i was the most lost i've ever been.
the woman whose emails make me laugh so hard i snort at my desk.
the women who've rubbed my back and wiped my tears.
the women who've called me on my shit when i didn't want it, and especially when i needed it.
the women who've loaned cars and movies and books.
the women who know when to push me, and more than that, know how.
the women who show me the kind of mother i want to be, a mama.
the women who make themselves the most important part of their lives. 

they keep going. 

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