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October 3, 2012

things i refuse to apologize for, part II.

giving dirty looks to anyone who doesn't get out of their seat for a pregnant woman, old person, or child. 
not being on the harry potter, game of thrones, or hunger games trains. (maybe harry just a bit.)
my undying love for martha stewart.
the fact that my favorite part of the break-up movie is the photo montage in the beginning.
using a planner. have you not been to paper source?
that's what she said. i will never stop.
disliking the office the second steve carrell left.
liking amy poehler more than tina fey.
taking so many pictures. all.the.time.
the fact that michelle obama's arms are the goal.
blowing my cover and making a counting crows mixed cd for that guy in college. 
digging through stacks of newspapers to find one that isn't wrinkled/ripped.
not taking the first magazine on shelves.
asking to have the television at the gym switched to wgn news.
the fact that i started christmas shopping yesterday.
stopping to pick up lucky pennies.
taking twenty-seven years to fall in love. boy, was it worth the wait.

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