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November 1, 2012

love list. and day one of giving thanks.

the fact that ben had coffee waiting for me first thing this morning. and leftover chinese all warmed-up. the suit he was wearing didn't hurt. at all. spotting red cups from starbucks all over the city. nashville and its music, especially this song. ghiradelli's milk chocolate and caramel bar and it being the only chocolate i crave. i like holding out for the good stuff. like sharing my english muffins with eva. lemon cupcakes from sweet mandy b's. women with strong voices: mary j. blige, mary chapin carpenter, kathleen edwards, anne lamott. my camera. christmas music becoming more present. christmas decorations at macy's. really good $4.00 sushi, convertible mittens, children dressed as cowgirls and ninjas and farm animals. practical magic and accepting that i'm sally. the man at the trunk-or-treating event we took eva to on sunday with the lobster hat, for telling us about the hot dogs inside and that eva could ring the church bell. allergy medicine and asthma inhalers and the knowledge that one day, hopefully, i'll no longer need them. the head and the heart and what a great name that is for a band. this man. this. which prompted the walk i took at lunch. and
this. which broke my heart in the best possible way.

every day this month i'm going to write about one thing i'm thankful for. give it a try. it feels good.

day 1

my blog.

i'm thankful that i started this blog in the first place, a year ago next month. this blog, my place, my church. a way to keep myself accountable. i need to write everyday. that really is something i should be doing. i'm thankful i've kept it going and people are responding to it, both the good and the ugly parts i share. i'm thankful for my friends who share it with their friends. i'm thankful that both women and men are emailing me in response to my posts. i'm thankful for the amazing support i've gotten and continue to get from the people i love, who love me in spite of and because of the things i share.

thank you, thank you, thank you. it really is its own beautiful prayer.

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