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March 3, 2013

i believe.

a well-stocked house includes board games, especially scrabble & taboo. 
and peanut butter. always peanut butter.
following retta on twitter is one of the best decisions i've ever made.
an interview with a football player turned writer who happens to be a really interesting and kind human being was just the jump start i needed.
a nice way to spend your lunch hour on a monday is by interviewing a woman who won the pulitzer prize.  
i'm really lucky both of these people said yes. i'm not going to waste them.
die hard may just be my new favorite christmas movie. (not a chance, but it is amazing.)
my girl crush on her is officially out of control. 
if you find  summer shandy beer in march you buy it.  after you yelp in the store.
this man got it right. don't worry, you'll know. and his show is brilliant.

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