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May 15, 2013

participating in a writers workshop.

A friend from graduate school started a Writers Workshop on her blog. Since finishing my final quarter at DePaul at the end of March I've been missing the workshop atmosphere, the talking, the hearing ideas, the scooping up of the really good ones and the dismissal of the bad ones. 

The prompt for this week is I knew he loved me ...

I knew he loved me when he introduced me to Eva, his daughter. I sat on his living room floor, now our living room floor, and colored with this beautiful, happy curly-haired toddler. He let me into this very sacred part of his life. I told him Eva should be the last person I met and he agreed. 

I watched Ben watch us and in that moment felt so much love: from him, for him, for her, for the big happy brown lab snoring on the couch, for the way I felt in that living room, surrounded by giggles and crayons and books and dog hair and a calm I'd never felt before. I felt like I had come home.

I knew he loved me because I felt it; I felt us changing. I felt us growing into an us. Summer turned to fall and I was different. I felt myself breathing more and smiling more.

I was happy.

I was in love.

I saw him look at me differently and hold my hand differently and kiss me with such tenderness it made me cry. And sometimes still does. 

I knew he loved me because he was careful with me, the first and only man to ever do so. He was kind and patient and warm. From our first date, which lasted close to six hours. 

I know he loves me because I feel it every day. 


  1. so pretty. the closing sentence gave me a chill :)

  2. found you through Laura's blog! great post. "With such tenderness it sometimes made me cry. And sometimes still does" -- favorite line!

  3. Thank you both so much! Maura, I really enjoyed your post as well. :)


  4. your opening is so intimate.

  5. Thank you both! Happy Memorial Day!