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June 2, 2013

how to be happy, a continuation.

i wake early.

i brew the coffee beans and start the pot. i sit down and read. a lot. my favorite blogs, the new york times, postsecret. i sit in the dark, in quiet. no tv, no music, just the sound of the air conditioner. sweet, delicious quiet. sloth curls up next to me and i rub his ear with my left hand and drink coffee from my right. i eat greek yogurt with kashi cereal and feel it fill me up. i edit and add to the grocery list. i think of the people i love and pray that they're happy and safe and healthy. i pray that oklahoma and its people get a break. i hear eva call for me and i go. 

i wake up, rhi. 

good morning, honey bunny.

hold me.

i organize the pantry and the refrigerator and the magnets on the front of it. i clean the bathroom and do more laundry. i try to bake cookies with eva, but when i burn myself a second time it's time to admit i'm nervous about my first day at a new job tomorrow. 

that's okay. that's normal. because it's been a damn long road to this point.

i step away from the oven.

i drink up the cuddles and the kisses i'll miss out on tomorrow. i let this fill me up. 

i make italian sausage and whole wheat gnocchi. i drink a glass of white wine. i let this fill me up.

i say thank you for this day. i stay hopeful about tomorrow.


  1. "I let this fill me up." LOOOOOVE that. I've never heard that before but I'm going to start using that. Such focus on the simple things in life. thank you :) Good luck today! It's a big day for you :)

  2. :) I love thinking of things this way. So many different things fill us in so many ways.

    Thanks for the well wishes. :)