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April 1, 2014

thirty days in a row of writing. day 1. why do we close our eyes?

at church this past weekend i had a moment with eva i'll put away in the forever file.

we'd just come back from receiving communion and were kneeling to pray when she asked, why do we close our eyes?

so we can get quiet and talk to jesus. when i close my eyes it helps me be quiet in my heart so i can talk to him and say thank you.

say thank you?

yes, for all of my blessings, like the little bear in your book. 

it was such a lovely, innocent moment i want to remember forever. and her question made me think of the other big times i've closed my eyes. one of the biggest was nearly eight years ago when i studied in florence and cried on the terrace of our sixth floor walk-up.

i cried because i was homesick and heartsick and scared of everything. i sat on white plastic lawn chairs and prayed, please let me let this place change me.

over and over and over i cried these words.

and then i started to whisper them.

and then i sang them. because i learned to do it.

i got quiet.

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