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December 31, 2014

Our Wedding-things I always want to remember

A few weeks ago I read something from a a former grad school classmate, Laura. Her post on what she hopes to never forget about her wedding inspired me to do the same.

Ben and I have been married a little over three months now. I love it. I feel exactly the same as I did the day before our wedding. But now I get to say "wife" and "husband" and "stepdaughter." September 20, 2014 was perfect, thanks in huge part to the love and support our family and friends showed us. These are the big things I hope I don't forget. All photos below were taken by our phenomenal photographer, Kelsey Jorissen.

1. At the hotel the night before, Eva too excited to sleep because Reese was there. Laughing at the fact that I packed her skeleton pajamas, which glowed in the dark.

2. How relaxed I was while getting ready. I got up early to work out in the hotel gym. Came back and got Eva up, had pumpkin coffee, a turkey bacon sandwich and watched several episodes of "The Pioneer Woman" while reading my Oprah magazine and watching the girls get their hair and makeup done. I just stayed in bed all morning until it was my turn. How relaxed I felt the entire day. People laughing at just how calm I was.

3. The Comic Con-type convention happening at our hotel that weekend. Seeing Ghostbusters and other creatures at breakfast the next morning.

4. Reading Ben's card at the hotel. And crying. As we grow closer during the trying parts of our we drift apart only to grow closer yet we learn to love and forgive each other's flaws as well as our own...we create a beautiful symphony of life. I have an energy for our life and to, in the moment, live the life as truly ours. 

5. How I felt in my dress. It was the second one I tried on at the shop and I knew.

6. How full our Church lobby/bride's room were, how many people came to wish us well even though we couldn't invite them. I felt love every moment of that day. How this is our family: big, loud, full of love.

7. Our twin ring bearers, Michael and Alex, who were beyond precious. Is there anything better than toddlers in tuxedos?

8. Seeing my flowers for the first time. Thinking, "Gail nailed it!" Then thinking, "These are heavy."

9. My dad kissing my hands as he gave me away.

10. The sight of Ben's ring on his hand. Still not old, probably never will be.

11. Hearing Mr. and Mrs. Buehne for the first time.

12. Dodging/embracing the rain to blow bubbles outside the Church. Hearing thunder and just going with it, one of the biggest lessons Ben has taught me.

13. Hugging Mary Lou, our Deacon's wife. From marriage mentoring classes to our wedding day, they were so supportive.

14. Being so thankful for the breeze outside while taking pictures.

15. How good the food was, especially the chicken. How Eva only wanted bread and the lemon rice soup. How she put my napkin on my lap for me.

16. White wine and champagne, and kiddie cocktails for the kids.

17. Sharing our vows at the hall. More crying. Ben saying, "I vow to love you, always, as you are."

18. Chris's toast-how warm and funny it was. How the whole room laughed. You felt it.

19. All of the surprise toasts. I loved them. My godfather gave us a bottle of wine my Grandma Dee and Grandpa Larry picked out to be given to me on my wedding day. When he handed it to me, he whispered, "Don't drink it." And I laughed, even though it made me sad that Ben and Eva will never get to meet them.

20. Our parents sharing a speech my Dad wrote. Crying on Christmas when he gave us a framed copy of it.

21. When our song came on, thinking, "I am so in love with this moment. I hope it goes slowly." It sort of did. And bawling, completely bawling on Ben's shoulder.

22. Dancing with my dad, him singing in my ear, seeing my sisters crying at the head table.

23. Table #3-my cousins and their spouses, my godparents, clinking their glasses every two minutes. Clinking and hollering. That's my family. I love them.

24. Running outside just before sunset so Kelsey could get photos. How her timing was perfect.

25. Our cake topper. How it personified Ben, who found it: full of love.

26. Ben and Eva's dance-how he threw her in the air and she couldn't stop laughing.

27. Eva and Reese's rendition of "Let It Go."

28. Tyler in his suspenders. Seeing him and Reese, my niece, run back and forth across the dance floor. Feeling so happy to have a niece and nephew.

29. Singing Whitney Houston's "I Want to Dance With Somebody" with my bridesmaids, sisters, cousins, and cousins' husbands. Amazing.

30. My father-in-law asking me to dance.

31. Our insane sweets table, which was actually two. And the two dozen cannolis my godmother got us.

32. Getting so caught up in dancing to "Single Ladies" with Eva I forgot to toss my bouquet. Ben had to tell me it was time. And then when I tossed my Chicago Bears garter-being so glad Fred caught it.

33. Eva and Reese wanting to hold my train-for almost the entirety of photos at the hotel.

34. Ben's air guitar with his best friend Fred's cane. How he would

35. My dad handing out cigars to nearly everyone.

37. My sister-in-law calling me Sis the next morning.

38. Our photographer. Who just killed it.

39. The love I felt the whole day. The hugs, kisses, Congratulations! So much love.


  1. oooh! today is my one year anniversary and i feel like it is shining good luck that i read this on my anniversary!! i will be writing a list like this immediately!! youre such an inspiration rhiannon and love love love your shiny happy wedding pictures :) youre gorgeous!!!

  2. Awwww Lovely...

    This is beautiful...

    These are perfect poses clicked at perfect time. The most beautiful and cute element is the naughtiness and cuteness carried by the kids. I also loved the invitation card a lot as these are beautiful enough to catch anyone's eye.

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