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January 6, 2012


i think i like lemon more than chocolate. sometimes.

i can see myself getting married outside, but then i remember how easily i burn. and how little i like finding sand in random places at the end of the day.

i think paul newman is the most beautiful man who ever lived.

i spill God-knows-what on my winter coat and get really strange looks at the dry cleaner's. first and last guess is always coffee.

seeing little kids on the bus at 10:00 at night infuriates me, but then i try to think of how long a day their mother sitting next to them had. and how long tomorrow will be for them.

it's too easy to judge people.

flirting is the funnest thing in the world, especially when it's with someone who makes it easy. 

i have to actively remind myself that it's not necessary to constantly be on the defensive.

an evening walk with your best friend is the perfect end to the day.

you hear a song you wish you could live inside of. this is one:

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