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January 12, 2012

i believe...

earring backs disappear and coffee mugs multiply, all on their own.

people should not bring their problems onto the bus. nobody wants to hear you grumble and yell at the driver or the air. you aren't the only person who had a long day.

in wearing aprons. with polka dots and pockets.

robin thicke is a gift from God.

in the lemon loaf pound cake with pear huckleberry jam from the restaurant at my corner. i could’ve wept, truly.

if viola davis and jessica chastain do not win golden globes sunday evening for "the help," i will be very disappointed. very.

amy poehler also deserves to win sunday for "parks and recreation." pay attention, people. please.

in choosing clementines and red grapes over the bowl of kit kats at work.

in planning ahead to avoid temptation, and in trying to do this in every aspect of my life.

it’s imperative to have people close to you who make you laugh so hard that it hurts, who give you sore stomachs “for the right reasons.”

in tacos with cilantro and onion only.

funks never last forever.

life can only be tackled one thing at a time, one day at a time.