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February 29, 2012

because i know some very funny and amazing people.

and because it's important to laugh at our own ridiculousness, here are some of the best things i've heard lately, in list form, of course:

1. me: the second we sat down, i just said, “let’s just agree to split the check.”
molly: way to suck the romance out of the room.


yeah, i really need to work on this.

2. anna: the woman in front of me is paying with a check. excuse me, 1999 called, they want their form of payment back.

3. my mom: well, it's just can be quite formidable at times. 
4. danielle: i'm re-reading Extremely Loud/Incredibly Close and it's making my day better. it really is one of those books that sucks you in to every moment. i underline all of the parts i love and i want to be able to write a story like that one day. that book makes me want to be a writer.

5. amy eileen: your blog should have a soundtrack. or a scent. lilacs, or vanilla, or 'bookstore.'

6. molly:  i'm sure your kids will be the type of kids who have plaid umbrellas that match their plaid rain boots.
me: you bet your ass. my kids will be so chic. have you seen the j.crew crewcuts catalog? it's too much. it's too much for words.

7. katie:  i opened a j.crew card this weekend.  i just couldn't help it anymore. that's what she said.

8. an online magazine where i submitted one of my essays: We are very interested in your Let Her Go piece. Our theme for the spring issue is going to be rebirths/reinventing yourself and I think this is perfect.

9. laura, talking about what she chooses to share on her fabulous blog: i'm confident that ranting without reason simply isn't the way to go.

another thing i really need to work on.

10. "i'm glad i know you." 

addendum: bethenny frankel, about her daughter: i want her to be soft and sweet and nice and not hard and a survivor. 

after work, i get to meet a very good friend for what i'm sure will be a very good hamburger with lettuce, pickles, and extra onions. 

grateful feels so much better than bitter. remember that, rhi.

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