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February 4, 2012

i believe...

in the simplistic beauty of routines: parks and recreation and pizza nova on thursdays, the sunday paper and breakfast with the beatles, and bubble baths with miles davis.

there's nothing wrong with building an outfit around jewelry, usually earrings.

in making valentine's day plans with people you adore. whether it's a partner or a group of girlfriends, love is love. tapas are a bonus.

complimenting strangers feels really, really good.

sometimes there's nothing better than an early morning walk around my neighborhood before the world is awake.

in learning the names of people you interact with on a daily basis. ken-the wonderfully cheerful man at the halsted orange line station i see in the morning. he smiles every time i call out to him.

the fact that diet coke gets rid of my headaches faster than expensive migraine medicine is the definition of insanity.

the pennies i find and keep in a shot glass that used to be my grandfather's, next to my gram's old key chain bring me more luck than i realize.

cleaning and organizing are therapeutic. so is pinterest.

i can and WILL accomplish this for our next book club meeting:

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