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February 3, 2012

a list of letters.

dear next week,
can you be a little less crazy than this past week? maybe? you think about it.

dear horizontal stripes,
why won't you love me? i have so many ideas for the two of us.

dear diet coke,
thank you for taking the edge off my headache.

dear legs,
thank you for the 2.5 miles you gave me this morning. 

dear brain,
stop being self-conscious about the running shorts. muscles are a good thing.

dear adele,
is it february 12 yet? i can.not.wait.

dear redbox,
please have 50/50 at a convenient location for me.

dear bus ride home,
please, please be quiet. and fast.

dear person who sold out josh hamilton,
one word, karma.

dear josh hamilton,
i believe in you.

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