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March 30, 2012

i believe.

in ending a long day with a two-hour dinner with girlfriends, laughter, stories, and sass.

in sass. lots of it.

buying fresh flowers is one of the best things i do for myself.

getting back to my saturday morning spinning class IS the best thing i'm doing for myself right now.

the opening credits of friday night lights will never stop being beautiful. 

in coach eric taylor. any day of the week.

in having things on the books: lunches, coffee dates, plays, sunday afternoon movies, return trips to kentucky and tennessee, and drinks on a random thursday night. filling my days means i'm filling my life. no more idleness.

everything's better with hummus.

crossword puzzles can put me in the best or worst mood. (dear future husband, you are never to help me with them. i need to do things on my own. you'll see.)

i should've jumped on the downton abbey train when it first left the station. i'm on it now.

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