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April 1, 2012


what i look at while waiting for train #1.

what i see from my bedroom window.

found this in a market by me and squealed. i literally squealed. i ate these in italy. 

smells so good. so, so good.

next to my bed. bird by bird is finally done. do yourself a favor and put wild on your to-read list. incredible. 

lovely. so many of these i was able to make two bouquets.

i want this bowl to always be this full. 

after breakfast this morning, molly wanted to stop at the beauty supply store. i found an adorable bag on sale and aviators for $6. the shop owner was an incredibly kind woman who gave me this bracelet. she gave molly one too. she also told me how "the guys wear those a lot" and pointed to the glasses i was about to buy, before she showed me how i looked in a mirror. i left in a good mood that carried me through the rest of the day.

if kate spade ever discontinues this perfume, i may cry.


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