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April 8, 2012

parts of my weekend, in pictures.

post-spinning class drive down lake shore drive. 

you know you babysit some great kids when they beg, beg, to stay up late and read/be read to on a saturday night. 

went to lunch with my good friend cristina at sweet maple cafe on friday. she took these four pictures. 

i fell in love with sweet maple cafe the first time i went. billie holiday was playing and they had ginger ale on the menu. i was hooked. and then i had their food. lord. 

i believe in the church of baseball. 

it's amazing how happy a $6 pair of sunglasses can make me. 
saw this at jewel this morning. it pissed me off. 

my neighbors have this lovely balcony. i've been here over a year and a half and i have never seen them on it.  odd.  

sometimes i eat dessert before dinner. frozen yogurt. yes, please. 

presents from my landlord. i'm a lucky gal. 

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