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April 3, 2012

things i thought about while at yoga last night, in no particular order.

this is going to be hard.

this isn’t going to be relaxing.

i should feel relaxed.

stop thinking so much.

do not swear.

do not swear .

i should’ve brought water.

why didn’t i bring water?

i love how quiet it is in this large auditorium.

i love how few people are here.

didn’t see it coming that the older gentleman with the creepy smile would be the instructor.

the older gentleman with the creepy smile is the perfect instructor.

i want a class full of vinyasa. i want to be still and meditate for an entire class. go to a meditation class then, rhi. jeez.

do not fart.

how is this move supposed to be calming? my arms hurt from rowing on saturday.

my thighs are huge.

they’re called muscles. get over it.

my feet are way too sweaty. this mat is a friggin' slip n' slide.

count faster, please. i am slipping over here.

i hope my feet don't smell. i hope molly can't smell my feet.

i like molly's headband.

maybe bring a headband next time?

i love child’s pose. can i just sit like this until the class is over?

i can’t wait for the rotisserie chicken waiting for me in my fridge.

i can't wait to finish friday night lights.

i don't want to finish the series. coach taylor. sigh.

why am i so parched? i could drink a trough of water right now.

i do not care for the pain in my knees.

i really need to be here.

this is nice. i could learn to like all this breathing.

my mat better not be covered in ruby’s cat hair.

i still need to get parking passes from the alderman’s office. i have until the first home game; i still have time.

why does every yoga class i’ve ever gone to play sounds of the rainforest? it’s like the jungle book up in here. you want me to relax? how about some bon iver?

copy bon iver for next week’s class.

call dr. kylie’s office.

count faster, please.

i love the nail polish on my toes.  

this room reminds me of rear window. ooh, i should watch that.

talk to landlord about stove.

you show up late AND you bring your cell phone to your mat. are you making business deals in between poses? cool it, donald trump.

don't forget to bring pineapple to work tomorrow.

aromatherapy? yesss.

aromatherapy slathered all over my face? um, okay.

the class had two instructors. the woman who taught the second half had us think of a beautiful place during vinyasa at the end of class. i thought of two:

 1.       My terrace in Florence.

 2.       Driving to Kentucky last summer.

Both times I was alone. Happy. Strong. Literally moving myself towards happiness, quiet, solitude, times of growing, small acts of bravery, looking for adventure, and peace. Always peace.

In spite of all this thinking, I did enjoy the class. I did relax. I did meditate. I did smile and sigh at the familiar scent of lavender.

I can't wait to go back next week.

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