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April 22, 2012

a sunday, in pictures.

the start of my morning walk. today i finally asked my newspaper vendor his name. tom. 

i love this front door. note: this is not my building. not sharing that much.

"over here, in the hydrangea bush!"

afternoon walk.


i like taking pictures of strangers.

and really good musicians playing on street corners.

i love this.
my bus guy! i pretend his name is walter. i haven't worked up the nerve to say hi. 
not a bad view while waiting for the bus.
carrie bradshaw bought vogue. i buy flowers. 
organic spinach and cheese ravioli. i've always preferred pasta without the sauce. worst.italian.ever.
i am determined to have a garden of my own, even if it's small.
i spend far too many sundays in this building's library, but you can't beat the view from the tenth floor.

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