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April 23, 2012

what i ate today: day one.

this is day one of my photographic food diary. this was a good day with regards to my eating choices. however, i need more fruit! i try to drink as much water as possible during the day and i always alternate water with my coffee. this is to keep me accountable. no preaching here about what YOU should eat.

1 cup of Kashi Go Lean cereal. I love this cereal so much. It looks bland, but it's not. There's a hint of sweetness. Most importantly, it's very filling, packed with fiber, and low in calories. I measure my cereal. Two words: portion control.

With breakfast, I'll have two cups of coffee. I'm trying very hard to stick to Splenda and not sugar. I use two packets. This morning, I nursed the same 1.5 cups before leaving my apartment.

Half an hour after the cereal I had a whole grain english muffin with Jif Natural peanut butter. These english muffins are delicious and only 80 calories. 

I always, ALWAYS carry snacks on me. Part of it is from being a nanny a few years ago. It's just smart to have healthy food on me so I'm not tempted to buy food I'll regret eating. I love these packets of nuts. I didn't wind up eating the yogurt today. I"m lactose intolerant, so I have to keep the dairy intake to a minimum. I also eat my cereal dry. Always have. Yes, I'm one of those people.

Stopped at Cosi for lunch. I love that so many restaurants are doing "Pick two" specials. I got a  bowl of sausage with chicken and rice soup (good) and the pesto chicken sandwich on whole grain flatbread, with sun dried tomato and lettuce (so good). The chips were kettle cooked and not horrible at 150 calories. 

I said no to chocolate twice before finally saying yes to a much-needed caffeine jolt. This is a tall iced nonfat mocha.

I drank this with my lunch. 
Dinner after yoga: pita pizzas. I eat too many of these, but I make them super healthy. I found using multigrain tortilla shells! saves a ton of calories. I usually eat two of these.

The finished product with some Italian seasoning. So good, and because the cheese isn't low-fat,  I don't need to use as much. 

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