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May 6, 2012

sunday night list of gratitude.

before i go to bed tonight i'm going to say the following prayer of thanks:

thank you for the rain and thunder that came and went all day. thank you for the smell on my morning walk and the even lovelier smell on the one i took after dinner.

thank you for the strong legs that carried me all day. 

thank you for girlfriends who let you cry, curse, scream, whisper, cry some more, and then bring you back to reality. for women who remind you of how strong you are when you forget.

thank you for the newspaper vendor who had my morning paper ready for me. and thank you for the kindness of him asking my name, and his smile when i responded.

thank you for a league of their own. never gets old.

thank you for the afternoon nap that was the definition of heaven: fresh air, rain tapping on the window, and ruby curled up next to me.

thank you for the sleep i so desperately needed to catch up on. when you don't sleep enough, the smallest thing can make you cry. that's a sign. pay attention, rhi.

thank you for this. this will carry me through the week.

(from the lovely)


  1. hey it's jake (mitsu's bro)! just checking in on your blog. glad to see you're still writing. keep it up! you seem to be doing well. ok, well hope life is great! until next time...気おつけて (take care)!

  2. Hey Jake! Thanks so much. How's everything in Japan??