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May 3, 2012

things i've been wanting to write about.

it's been a few (five) days since i've written anything on here. if i'd had any extra time this week i would've spent it writing. i would've spent it talking about the following things.

how this woman called me at 10:00 last night from new york to tell me what this felt like. how this sports writer is twenty-two years old and just graduated college. how writing this article about women sports writers in this city has lit a fire under me. how one of the editors at the tribune broke up a meeting to take my call on my lunch break yesterday and how that reaffirmed my faith in men in positions of power. how the amount of notes i have from my interviews is absurd, and yet, i keep contacting people. and how i am equal parts excited and terrified for this article to come out.

the disgusting amount of reading i've needed to do. 

i ran seven minutes without stopping tuesday morning. i always let myself stop. i don't want to do that anymore. i lasted seven minutes before i started to wheeze uncontrollably. leave me alone, asthma.

how i've loved all the rain this week and how storms always make me feel better.

how tired i felt when jim asked, "why can't you be nice to yourself?"

the guy at mitchell's on sunday who looked like opie from sons of anarchy and how i am a fan of that look. and how i froze when he came by me to order another drink.

how much i love this show and there's only been one episode. i can't wait for tonight's with portia de rossi.

but it's been a long week and i'm tired and this coffee is finally starting to kick in. 

also, how much i love every version of this song i can find.

change this feeling under my feet
change the sheets and then change me

this is my anthem right now. so grateful for this song. and this woman. 

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