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June 26, 2012

i believe...

i believe in lucky pennies. i believe that every time i put them in a shot glass bearing the name of my grandfather's bar i really bring luck upon myself, if only because i think about him when i do it.

i believe that thoughts put into the universe count as prayers, no matter how small. i believe that prayer heals. so does walking alone for hours. 

i believe in libraries, the honor system, and people who keep their word. 

i believe in this woman. i can't wait to talk about this at book club. and drink pink lemonade snapple. i believe in her beautiful advice column, and the new book that features some of them. 

i believe in the phrase tiny beautiful things. i believe in paying attention to all of the tiny beautiful things in our lives.

i believe there should be a "breakfast/ good morning" club on the bus. someone brings the redeyes, someone else bakes muffins, and another brings juice boxes and cartons of milk. i really feel like it could work. 

i believe The Big Chill soundtrack is one of the best things since sliced bread.

i believe a level 25 on the elliptical with mary j. blige is a great way to start your tuesday.

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