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June 20, 2012

the things people say, and what the words do to you.

When I hear something that forces me to stop, in that moment I tell myself, “Pay attention. This is a sign.” Lately I’ve been witness to quite a few signs. I'm grateful for them. And I'm grateful that I keep really smart people around me.

Yoga is a fun way of finding yourself.

My yoga instructor first said this a few weeks ago and he said it again this week. Most Monday evenings I want to snap, "Dennis, I'm finding that I cannot bend this way or hold this pose. I find that this is not relaxing. I am finding that I am incapable of relaxing. And that is why I'm here." The other instructor tells us, "Set your intentions for this class. What is your goal? What do you want for yourself tonight? This week?” Most weeks my intention is, Let yourself be happy. So simple. Simple. I am the first to dispense these words to girlfriends or co-workers who need a shoulder or set of ears, but it's all too common to ignore our own advice.

Life is too short for stuffing. 

At a recent visit to the dentist, my doctor said this to me. I listened. Through gasps and tears, I listened. I don't do well at the dentist, but it's getting much better than it was in the past. But she said this to me and I remember thinking, "I love that she just said that. Write it down. Write it down!" Life is too short for stuffing. Life is too short for going through an entire day holding our breath and not doing/saying what we need to say in order to feel peace.

Don’t get in the way of your own happiness.

Someone said this recently and I thought of it the other night while getting ready for bed. I stood in a coral dress in my bathroom and stared at my face in the mirror. I washed my face. I took out my simple silver stud earrings. I looked at myself and I felt pretty. Two times I always feel pretty-working out to the point of exhaustion and after I clean my face. Maybe it's because I’m in such a pure state during both-no fuss, no makeup, just simplicity. I often forget how easy things are when you choose to keep them that way, when you wish simplicity and calm upon yourself. 

I think a big part of happiness is gratitude. When I feel like I’m being swallowed whole by my life I stop and make a list.  If it’s not a to-do list it’s a gratitude list.  It feels good to make these. It feels good to say prayers of thanks for every single thing that makes me smile and feel blessed, no matter how "small."
I'm working on questioning things less and feeling them more. Doubting things less and enjoying them more. And getting out of my own way.

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