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September 19, 2012

bucket list for fall. so far.

1. burgers, tots, and a trip to the photo booth at skylark.

2. pumpkin patch/hayride/apple-picking. 

3. plays, plays, lots of plays! on my calendar so far: this, this, and that one.

4. experience october baseball aka soxtober baseball. it's a good thing i live in bridgeport.

5. find a 5K for October and an 8K for November.

6. depaul basketball and soccer games.

7. lincoln park zoo and the green city market. hello, lovely day.

8. carve a pumpkin and do it well.

9. find a legit, non-lame halloween costume. remember the statue of liberty in eighth grade? yeah, don't do that again.

10. get involved with this. how wonderful.

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