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September 28, 2012

things i won't apologize for.

listening to christmas music at times other than christmas
liking butterscotch and cardigans and the golden girls and other "old lady-ish" things
loving madea movies
watching old episodes of dawson's creek, cringing and all
disliking jelly beans and gummy bears, but liking candy corn, probably too much
getting mad at my team. it's my team; i can do that.
somehow hating and loving yoga in equal measure
furiously loving the people in my life
pioneer woman marathons and daydreaming about living on a ranch
having two books with me at all times only to stare out the window and people-watch
lifetime movies. i'll never apologize for these.
choosing dark nail polish over light, almost always
counting the days until it's appropriate to buy pumpkins
loving carnations
being the "grammar police"
never putting milk in my cereal
collecting j.crew catalogs
wanting a certain treadmill at the gym and being annoyed when i can't have it
wanting a certain bike during spin class and being annoyed when i can't have it 
sometimes wishing for rain
squealing when seeing babies, dogs, old people holding hands, colin firth
being particular about my food
being particular about a lot of things. my life, my rules.
ending this post's title with a preposition. i'm not sorry. and i'm not alone.
staring at this picture. i'm happy. and i'm most definitely not sorry about that.

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