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December 30, 2012

clean slates.

people like clean slates; it's why we make resolutions. 

we don't need to wait until the start of a new year to make new promises to ourselves. every day should start with promises.

i will love myself, even though i know it might require more energy than i currently possess.

i will try really hard. at whatever comes across my plate.

i will say "thank you."

every day is another start. and after, or rather, sometimes, smack in the middle of a particularly difficult one it's easy to say, "fuck it. fuck this day and fuck this person who needs something from me. i have nothing left to give today."

we always have more to give. the bad stuff only lasts if we choose to keep it around. if we choose to let it cover us like a heavy blanket.

the wonderfully warm and wise anne lamott reminds us that we can "start the 24-hours over again as soon as we want." and she encourages us to participate in "radical self-care."

there are a million ways to show ourselves "radical self-care." yet, we hardly do. 

choose to do this. make the choice that you love yourself enough to put yourself first. love yourself. fight for yourself. make the choice that you're worth that much. choose is a very powerful word. life is hard enough. we don't need to make it harder.

we become the labels we assign ourselves. i'm italian. therefore, i'm emotional. and loud. i'm a writer. therefore, i'm sensitive and curious.

i am a girl named after a song. i am emotional and loud and sensitive and curious. i am all of these things and a million others. 

nearly a year ago i wrotei want less anything less-than wonderful.

i've stuck to most of those lists. but it's just really hard to eat less cheese. 

i will move more, in every possible way. this is what i want most for myself starting right now, not midnight monday night, but right now. i wish for more movement for you too. towards good and great and fun and beautiful and healthy and happy.

to 2013. cheers to all of us. salute.

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