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December 31, 2012

things i know for sure, on the eve of a new year.

as a lover of lists, there are some things i know for sure...

there are women who wear purple and women who don't. i will always be a lover of purple.
there are two kinds of people in this world: those who smile at the sight of a dog sticking his/her head out a car window and those who don't. i choose to smile. i don't understand people who don't.
i do some of my best writing with sports playing in the background.
i am my mother's daughter: lover of oprah, real simple, and mary chapin carpenter. and i'm a helper. i could die happy knowing my grave had those words on it.
i am my father’s daughter: i have a filthy mouth while watching sports, especially baseball. and i'm stubborn as the day is long. but we both love with every part of our being.
people who only talk and write about happy things are hiding something. life is good and ugly and varying shades of both.
bringing robin ventura to the south side was a good move.
the whole world needs to stop what it's doing and love itself more.

2013 is going to be beautiful.

he just loves to make this face when i'm trying to get a nice picture.
i love this face.

happy new year! 


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