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January 18, 2013

what i've learned, from molly.

i'm starting a new series on the blog and naturally, it's a list. i'll be writing about different people and what they've taught me. it's one small way to say thank you.

molly is one of the first people i go to. for just about everything.

she's the one who convinced me i would love uic. she was right. she's the one who convinced me to go on last may. again, wise decision to listen to her. we sign up for runs together. we stand at the start line, fist bump, then go do our own things, and meet at the finish line.

she's my neighbor and one of my biggest cheerleaders. she calls me on everything. we all need people who will do this for us. some of my favorite talks have been over tea at her kitchen table.

she's smart and hilarious. and very quick. this is why i ask her so many questions. 

what jewelry should i wear with this dress?
how should i word this email?
what should i do about x, y, and z?
why does rihanna continue to behave so stupidly?

in no particular order, these are the things molly has taught me over the years:

running is something you do for yourself. it's not about everybody else, so stop making it about everybody else.

learn to lighten up. learn this now. 

loving yourself and your body takes time. give yourself this time.

always say yes to a second or third glass of wine.

byob makes any place ten times better. 

p.y.t. (pretty young thing) by michael jackson is perfect for dancing to work.

avoiding things=anxiety will follow. don't do this to yourself.

stress can be controlled. breathing helps. 

loyalty and honesty are everything.

tea makes everything better.

your gut will never let you down.

stop dressing like an old woman. show your legs.

beyonce. always.

the bigger the jewelry the better. 

be vocal about what you want and need: from friends, partners, and jobs.

and my favorite, do you. aka put yourself first. other things take care of themselves that way.

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