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February 22, 2013

a list of letters.

dear downton abbey and parks and recreation,
i MUST catch up with both of you. this weekend. this weekend.

dear ray meyer fitness center pool,
thank you for giving me what i needed this morning: a lane to swim 10+laps, p!nk on the stereo and how it felt to hear her voice and my breath under the water. but most of all, how it felt to feel my arms changing, my body changing. 

dear body,
thank you.

dear homeland, 
you're so good. SO GOOD. and saul, sigh. i'm in love and i don't care who knows it. 

dear bowling abilities i had in high school,
you're gonna need to show up tomorrow. and do a little dominating.

dear universe,
i love that things like this exist.

dear dawson's creek,
don't ever change.

dear lavender i saw peeking out of a vase last night,
thanks for making me smile. you're in my top three. i love you.

dear brain overflowing with things you want to write about,
keep going.

dear knots in my neck and shoulders,
take a friggin' hike.