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March 14, 2013


i want more quiet.
i want more prayer.
i want to not be so tired all the time.
i want to be better, infinitely better, at handling my stress.
i want to remember to wear my apron when cooking sunday dinners.
i want to buy more flowers.
i want to not fight so many things.
i want girls and the walking dead to not drive me so crazy. homeland too.
i want bravo shows to exist forever.
i want to read more.
i want to read this on really bad days.
i want less sugar in my coffee and more fruit in my cereal. 
i want to keep my eyes closed while swimming. it helps me relax and focus and breathe.
i want to close my eyes more if doing so makes me feel these things. 
i want to pay attention to when they really must stay open.
i want to keep wearing that one pink lipstick.
i want to floss more.
i want balance.
i want to let things go, especially the ones that become too heavy to bear.
i want to remind myself that laziness does not always equate apathy. often, but not always.
i want to remember to not rub my eyes after putting on mascara.
i want to always want.


  1. I LOVE THIS! So beautiful. Seriously, one of my favorite blogs right here. I love this line: "i want to be better, infinitely better, at handling my stress." I feel the same. Actually with a lot of them. Like flossing :)

    Thank you.

  2. Thank you, Chantel! I was reading yours this morning. Always makes me think and smile. :)

    And for real with the flowssing. I hear ya! Lol.